The Benefits of Micro-Learning Courses

September 11, 2018
Category: e-Learning

The latest buzz-worthy topic in the e-Learning industry is the use of micro-learning courses or “byte-sized” learning as it is commonly referred to as. Simply defined, micro-learning is the provision and delivery of short and concise nuggets of learning that are often about three to five minutes long. It typically focuses on one specific outcome in a single topic. The use of micro-learning is usually done through multi-media formats and incorporates a learner-driven learning and development method. Basically, it is converting those long modules into a brief course that is easily digestible.

Micro-learning in the e-Learning industry is getting a lot of buzz because of its numerous advantages to individuals and businesses alike. Here is a list of some of the key benefits of micro-learning courses:

  1. Addresses the issue of learners with small attention spans
  2. Incorporates targeted learning that makes it easier for learners to achieve more
  3. Fuses e-Learning through the capability of mobile learning. On top of that, it helps organizations implement mobile courses using unique interactivities.
  4. Micro-learning is a very budget friendly form of course learning
  5. Provides instantaneous results
  6. Micro-learning is available in a variety of formats like interactive videos that are an informal type of training.
  7. Learners benefit from the fact that it is always available when you need it. More so, information is always up to date due to constant updating.
  8. For course designers, micro-learning content is easily tagged making the information easily available when searched for.
  9. Allows for better retention of concepts.
  10. Provides a better transfer of knowledge learnt on the job.

Micro-learning, is constantly rolling out courses that help organizations meet their rising job demands and promote employee development through training.  Through shorter courses, micro-learning is boosting e-learning in training.




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