Who is AnderePrepsU?

We are a team of HR professionals who hold 80+ years of combined experience. We are certified and credentialed by various organizations and have extensive experience in the creation of exam prep/study courses for a variety of national organizations. We are also subject matter experts for HelpDeskSuites.com among other organizations.

What is “Andere”?

Andere is a German word that means different or unusual. Unique. In a good way. ? We love this term because our solutions are flexible and generously priced to fit the needs of the learner. We are open and ready to assist you. We pride ourselves on the service and quality we deliver. We are Andere!

Q:Can I use this course for SHRM exams also?

A:Yes. While we have designed this course following the 2018 HRCI outlines, the information is relevant for SHRM exams as well.

Q:Does this course carry any recertification points?

A:Yes. HRCI and SHRM will both allow e-learning/self-paced credits toward recertification every three years.

Q:Is an instructor available to answer questions if I am confused or need clarification on a subject?

A:Yes. You can email our support team and a qualified HR professional trainer will respond to your question within 24 hours.

Q:I’m not sure if I want to be certified. So, this course is not for me. Right?

A:Not necessarily. Our Exam Prep Course is packed with training that will help anyone who is pursuing a career in any sort of HR related field. The knowledge you will gain through a self-paced study of Human Resources may be just the ticket to obtaining the career advancement you desire.

Q:So, what do I get when I finish the entire course?

A:You will receive a certificate of completion which will include the number of continuing education units approved through HRCI and SHRM. Your certificate also certifies you have completed 25 contact hours. There are several webinars in the course which also qualify for more continuing education credits. Many national organizations consider contact hours when determining whether or not you have met your requirement for recertification in a field related to human resources, management, or other national certifications.

Q:Which organizations might accept this sort of training?

A:In addition to HRCI and SHRM, you may be able to claim various levels of credit toward recertification through various certifying bodies. You will need to check with your specific organization to understand their requirements. Please contact us with questions. We will be glad to assist. support@andereprepsu.com

Q:I am looking for a certificate training program in Human Resources without having to go through a college. Can you help?

A:Yes. In addition to the exam prep and recertification credit features of our course, all learners who complete the entire course can apply to take the final exam which will allow them to obtain our HR Generalist certificate. This is not an accredited diploma or a national certification. This is a certificate of completion. But, unlike other courses, Andere Preps U! will only issue this certificate after a final comprehensive exam.

Q:How much is the annual fee if I decide to keep access to the course after my 12 months are up?

A:Your continuing access is $299 annually or $39 monthly. This is a nice option for people who need a little extra time to complete all of the work for testing, on-going access to recertification credits, or HR Generalist purposes.

Q:So, is this a downloadable program or is it all online?

A:This course is accessed completely online. You can download the PDF version of our 457-page Exam Prep Guide and various other individual items.