Providing E-Learning as A Benefit to Your Employees

September 4, 2018
Category: e-Learning

In every company, staff training and development opportunities are some of the key things employers want for their employees. Now, thanks to the rapid growth of the internet and its technologies, there are numerous e-Learning courses available that do just that. According to research carried out by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), it is reported that close to one third of the learning and training content made available comes in the form of e-Learning material.[1]

E-Learning tools are important for staff training and closing the skills gap. These are the top ways e-Learningcan benefit your employees:

  1. Facilitates improved pedagogy and improved knowledge retention

Numerous studies have shown that e-Learninghelps employees to retain the knowledge easier as opposed to the traditional form of training. Through gamification, e-Learning has enhanced leaner/employee engagement and improves the retention of knowledge learnt.


  1. Round the clock accessibility to learning content

E-Learning solutions give employees the benefit of accessing material anywhere and anytime. Due to this simple fact, whenever employees “get stuck” on something they are working on, they can access any relevant resources that are available on the go.


  1. Easily to adaptable to different learning styles

The traditional form of training does not give much attention to the fact that not all employees learn the same way. With e-Learning, employees get the chance to tackle courses at their own pace and in a manner that best suits them.


  1. Takes up and requires less of their time

Brandon-Hall recently carried out a study that stipulates that e-Learning only requires 40%-60% less employee time than a traditional training setting. Online training is immediate and does not waste employees time on factors like travel time.


This engaging training platform yields major advantages to employees. By including this into your corporate organizations, you’ll be providing them with an effective skill-building tool that benefits both your company and the employees within it.



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