Using E-Learning to Close the Skill Gaps in Your Organization

September 18, 2018
Category: e-Learning

According to research carried out by McKinsey Analytics, close to 40 percent of Americans fall short in the business world due to the lack of skills required. [1]Within the workplace, there are many reasons for the presence of a skill gap, but the biggest detractor of them all is the lack of employee development and training. The bottom line is, without adequate training, the skill gaps only continue to widen.

However, once again modern technologies like e-Learningcome to the rescue. E-Learning is a learning and developmenttool that has proven to be quite convenient and effective for employee training.

E-learning platforms have been deemed as the best way to bridge or close the skills gap within organizations because of its:

  1. Affordability

Due to the fact that the move to implementing e-Learning is quite affordable, one can easily provide employee training programs to help them build and nurture the required skills.

  1. Flexibility

Training through e-Learning is asynchronous providing opportunities for self-direction that helps employees take in information up to 60 percent faster than usual. With this benefit in mind, your employees will be able to quickly garner necessary skills.

  1. Efficiency and convenience

With e-Learningyour employees will absorb approximately 25 to 60 percent of the information availed to them. This is mainly because this information is conveniently and efficiently at their disposal.

The content made available through e-Learning can help bridge the skill gaps if you encourage your employees to:

  1. Understand and make sense of the ever-changing complex workplace processes
  2. Set themselves apart through personal development making themselves known through reputation management
  3. Be welcoming to the integration of machine and human collaboration as it is heavily intertwined into today’s business world.
  4. Build resilience to outside change through constant training you will avail

The root of the growing skills gap is a direct result of lack of training, but likely, e-Learning is specifically designed to cater for that and can help in bridging the gap.

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