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Certification Exam Prep

The Andere Preps U team is dedicated to providing a means for HR professionals to prepare for and PASS one of the many HRCI and SHRM human resources certification exams. We provide the full prep course as well as the shorter Bootcamp.

Anti-harassment and Abusive Conduct Training

We believe employers need a cost effective resource for providing anti-harassment training to employees. This training protects both the employee and the employer from litigation and the emotional harm that comes from such activity.


Employee Training

Training and development is often one of the first things to be cut from the budget when money gets tight. We have developed tools that allow an employer to bypass this threat and close gaps that exist in many (if not most) workplaces.

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Join Lisa Smith, SPHR, SCP for a 6.5-hour Bootcamp. (9 am - 3:30 pm CST)

During this 6.5-hour session you will learn:

  • The 10-Keys to Passing Your Exam
  • Must-Know Principles, Models, and Theories
  • Essential Employment Laws
  • Essential Case Law
  • HR Math
  • And SO MUCH more...

SHRM-CP & SCP or HRCI's PHR & SPHR Certification Exam Prep Course 

This Self-Paced E-Learning Course Is Specifically Designed To Successfully Prepare You To Pass Your PHR or SPHR or SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP Exam. 

This Course Includes:

  • 25+ Hours Of Interactive, Online Instruction
  • 457 Page Study Guide In PDF Format
  • Over 700 Quick-Testing Narrated Flash Cards
  • 1,100+ Practice Exam Questions 
  • Webinars - Audio Conferences
  • And More!

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Employee Training Tool-kit

The Employee Training Tool-kit is an application that contains in-house DIY training tools that cover a variety of relevant topics. In this information-packed training toolkit, you will find full audio/video courses you can use to train your employees on a variety of very important topics!


Seminar Builder

Are you looking for a simple way to coordinate much needed training programs for your organization? 

Well, look no further! Introducing our exciting new Seminar Builder!

Using our seminar builder, you can get a quote – on the spot - and order customized training programs for your entire organization in only a few minutes. 

HRCI and SHRM Exam Prep Quizzes

This provides you with 4 premium exam quizzes:
2 PHR quizzes: 1 with 25 questions and 1 quiz 125 questions
2 SPHR quizzes: 1 with 25 questions and 1 quiz 125 questions
Total of 300 questions!

Our practice exams are equipped with explanations for all applicable answers.
You will always understand the WHY behind the WHAT! Take them as many times as you want and our system will email you the results each time.

The prevention of workplace harassment is important for businesses of every size. Anti-harassment policies provide workers with piece of mind, and enable them to perform duties without fear or anxiety. When considering the value or training vs. the cost, consider that a comfortable workplace free of harassment promotes happy and productive employees which positively affects a company’s bottom-line.

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