Difficult Situations and People

Tips to Effectively and Safely Deal with Situations That Are Uncertain, Unclear, And Chaotic – Part One



Managers do not always have all of the information they need to make effective decisions in the workplace. There are times when managers do not know all of the risks posed, times when they have inaccurate information or they have no information about the situation they are tasked with resolving. These three situations known as uncertain, unclear, and chaotic situations make it difficult for managers to execute their decision-making and planning functions. Below are some tips to help managers efficiently and safely deal with these situations.

Do Not Procrastinate

Procrastination is the thief of time. In business, procrastinating due to lack of information is one way to aggravate an uncertain situation, particularly a high-risk one. Whenever you find yourself in a precarious position, do what you have to do and do it quickly. The more time you waste, the more you are likely to remain in the same situation.

Always have a Virtual Picture in your Mind

In a perfect world, all the information you need to carry out any given task or make a decision will be readily available. However, in times of chaos and uncertainty, you may not have access to all of the information that you need to complete an assignment. This simply implies that if you keep waiting to get an utterly perfect piece of information before acting, you may get nothing done. To thrive in uncertain situations, take action based on the information available to you. Create a virtual scenario of all the outcomes in your mind then make a decision based on your instincts (Shaw, 2013). Remember that in uncertain scenarios, managerial judgment is a crucial asset.

Come up with Plan Instead of Expectations

All things being equal, it is easier to be disappointed when you have expectations instead of plans. When expecting the worst to happen, it is challenging to notice opportunities when they present themselves; and if you expect the best, you might not prepare contingencies. As a manager, learn to place stock in plans. Instead of assuming the best or worst, make plans to make the best results a reality (Deschene, 2018).

Get Yourself Ready for Different Outcomes

The truth remains that uncertain and chaotic situations can end in different ways. Sometimes, they end in your favor, other times they do not. Whether or not a situation ends the way you want it to, one way to get the best out of every situation is to prepare your mind for different outcomes (Deschene, 2018). Preparing for different results allows managers to come up with contingency plans for their firms.