Using E-Learning to Engage Your Employees

September 25, 2018
Category: e-Learning

When we talk about employee engagement, we are referring to the basic measure of engagement amongst your employees. It is typically characterized by effort/resilience, dedication or enthusiasm for work and absorption of knowledge.

While e-Learning has brought up a new design and way of learning and development programs, it has also come up with one of the best ways to engage and grow employees. In online training employee engagement is less about the actual technology and more about the connections and relationships. That being said, it also revolves around the simple act of keeping your employees busy and engaged throughout their training.

  1. Provide a variety

Employees will always appreciate the provision of a wide variety of platforms that promote learning and development. Through the use of e-Learningsoftware that avails different challenging avenues and knowledge prompts will keep your employees on their toes and constantly engaged with the content.

Variety can be presented not only in subject matter but also lesson form. For example, instead of solo simulations, the gamified platform can present a joint online expedition course.


  1. Promote team learning

Team learning or network learning on e-Learningplatforms enables your employees to interact with their peers whilst also infusing input into each other’s work. Through the sharing of good or interesting cases, personal challenges, sharing of resources, and exchanging of feedback, employees are able to work and learn as part of a team. This significantly boosts their sense of engagement.


  1. Encourage the culture within the organization

Build a corporate culture of engagement through the use of an instructional design like e-Learning. This can be done by either offering a series of online training modules or encouraging a culture of acceptance and togetherness.

E-learningtools have proven effective in the bid to create engaged employees that benefit both themselves and the organization as a whole.




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