Question of the Day

In 2019, ACME Explosives’ HR department initiated two different programs for recruiting top talent in their security department. Program A employed an online advert with a new creative copywriter. They ran the ad for the same 3 months as in 2018 for the best comparison. 2560 people clicked on the link. 250 people applied for the position and 45 people were interviewed.

Program B was a series of job fairs which ran over the same time period as the new and improved advert. There were a total of 4000 visitors to ACME’s recruitment booths and 350 applicants. 75 were interviewed as a result of this effort.

Which of the two efforts yielded the highest percentage of interviews?

a. Program A with a .18% yield

b. Program B with a 21% yield

c. Program A with a 9.77% yield

d. Program B with a 1.88% yield


Correct Answer is B. Program B with a 21% yield

To solve this problem, we are required to calculate the yield ratios for each program. Program A Formula: (45 interviewed / 250 applicants) x 100% = 18%

Program B Formula: (75 interviewed / 350 applicants) x 100 = 21%