Question of the Day

In 2018, ACME Explosives posted a job advert for security officers on a recruiting site for 3 months. During the three-month period, 1000 visitors clicked on the link to the job, and 150 of them filled out the application and applied. From 150 applicants, 30 were invited to an interview.

What is the Yield Ratio for this recruiting effort?

a. .20%

b. 20%

c. 200

d. 45%


Correct Answer is B. 20%

Yield ratio formula: (30 invited / 150 applicants) x 100% = 20%

Yield ratio refers to one of the key performance indicators (KPI) in human resources that shows what percentage of candidates from a specific source was invited for an interview. Essentially, yield ratio shows how efficient the selected recruiting method has been.