Question of the Day

You are the HR manager for a small non-profit organization. The department manager for the fundraising staff comes to you and mentions that she believes that the productivity of her data entry staff is not adequate. The manager suggests that you should develop a training program to improve the efficiency of her staff members.

Which of the following should be your first step?

A. Tell the manager that a training of this kind is her responsibility.

B. Have one-on-one meetings with each of the data entry employees to determine if this is true

C. Conduct a needs assessment

D. Sign all of the data entry employees up for a course


Answer: C – In this situation, you should first conduct a needs assessment.

Explanation: Assessments and analysis for the organization’s needs and goals are necessary to ensure that everyone within the organization understands the long-term goals and how they fit into the bigger picture. These can be measured in any area of business. In human resources, they are often used for training and development, staffing projecting, budgets, and benefit planning.