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When you enroll in our comprehensive – August 2018 Compliant – PHR/SPHR Exam Prep Course, you can prepare to pass your HRCI credentialing exam in minutes a day using our easy micro-learning format. You can even start with our practice exams and focus on the areas of knowledge that need the most attention!


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Andere Preps U courses are LMS-based and fully responsive on any device you choose. All content is fresh and interesting making your prep time more enjoyable.

Our audio and video segments are conducted by a variety of individuals. So, you will never get exhausted with the “same old” voices.

Our practice exams are equipped with explanations for all applicable answers. You will always understand the WHY behind the WHAT!

Our course contains scenario-based, timed and un-timed, 175 question practice exams. But, we also provide you with several shorter 15, 25, and 125 question options to test your knowledge as you go.

Our quizzes and exams are scenario-based like the real exam will be. But, we also have micro-quizzes to test your knowledge and retention after each section of content.

We have broken our content into over 220 audio, video, and text opportunities to fit the needs are various learning types.

Find out where you stand in specific areas of your PHR or SPHR exam by analyzing your exam results breakdown.

Chat with other HR professionals and share the wealth of your collective knowledge.

Questions may pop up as you navigate through the comprehensively covered HR topics. No worries! Our email support team is just a click away.

Enjoy our 400+ page study guide which can be downloaded in pdf format.

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