Motivating Employees Through Online Training

August 30, 2018
Category: e-Learning

The use e-Learning can be highly effective, but only if your employees truly accept the concept and work well within it. It does not matter how much time and money you invest in this learning and development platform. The integral part of its successful implementation is the ability to motivate your employees through online training.

Employers and businesses can do this by simply implementing these four pointers.

  1. Integrating real life and online training activities

Enable your employees to gain online training experience that is both practical and applicable to their life. Come up with scenarios and simulations where they can apply what they have learnt. This will motivate them because the training session won’t be solely virtual but also fixed in reality.


  1. Emphasizing the benefits of the online training session

Without the awareness of benefits of the session, employees will not be motivated through their online training. Therefore, you need to highlight what it is they will gain from the e-Learningsession. This will ensure they are constantly motivated and peak their attention.


  1. Setting up and Implementing an incentive program

Incentives are one of the most effective tools of employee motivation. You can gamify the available online training in order to include and integrate rewards. With rewards comes a sense of fulfilment that will keep employees motivated throughout the training.


  1. Catering to personal interests and goals

Allow employees to feel a form of connection to the online training materials. By customizing the e-Learningtraining experience, you will be motivating your employees through making them feel like you both care for their personal development and also want to help them attain it.


As indicated from these four pointers, the key to motivating your employees through the instructional design of online training is to make it centered around them.  With their needs at the forefront, they will remain motivated.



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