How to Make E-Learning Fun

August 23, 2018
Category: e-Learning

Often when designing e-learning interventions for learning and development, businesses forget to include key metrics that improve bottom lines. This includes not expanding existing e-e-learning concepts and techniques instructors already know. More so, employees normally have the wrong or tainted attitude towards learning no matter how well-designed or effective the system is.

When you merely stick to the rules, e-learning tends to be severely boring for both the instructor and employees. However, there are some tips and tricks businesses can incorporate to upgrade their e-learningtechniques making it more fun and enjoyable for employees.

They include:

  1. Mobilization of learning

In today’s world, no one walks around without their mobile phone. Mobile platform will give employees/users access anytime and anywhere. The ability to part take in e-learning from whatever, destination will reduce the feeling of it being taxing and making it more fun.


  1. Gamify e-learning experience

Incorporating features like competitive leaderboards amongst peers, you employees will be working in a fun competitive environment. On top of that, they will be highly motivated to work in the instructional designs of the e-learning platform.


  1. Personalization

Content designed based on employees’ interests and trends, enables you to make the e-learning session feel personal if not 100% personalized. The more relatable it is to an employee, the more impactful and fun it is for them. Though it is not always realistic to implement, where possible, it goes a long way.


  1. Include fun and engaging content

If you want to ensure that your e-learningsessions at the office are both fun and interactive, then you ought to include fun and engaging content. Through multimedia, videos, and visual content, you will be able to stimulate your employees in more ways than one.

Upgrading your provided online courses into fun e-learningavenues mainly consists of having your employees in mind when planning. It is less about following the reading guides and listing specific techniques, and more about tailoring the experience into a fun e-learning session.

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