Employers: Use Online Training to Target Desired Behaviors

July 12, 2018
Category: e-Learning

Every now and then, employee’s behaviors change for the worse as they pick up bad habits. As an employer, you should be well equipped to curb these changes by targeting desired behaviors from your employees. Unfortunately, changing people’s behavior is very difficult even though the desired behavior change is for the better.

Beyond being a learning and development that provides effect online training, e-Learningcan instill both habit and behavior change. Behavior modification is an encouragement and motivation method used to help attain desired behaviors. It involves the implementation of consequences following undesirable actions.

You can ensure behavioral change and improve performance throughe-Learning by:

  1. Conducting training that informs employees on what the desired and undesirable behaviors are.
  2. Use e-Learning modules to train employees on the appropriate behaviors expected from them. Gamified courses will give this a competitive edge amongst peers which will further motivate them to act accordingly in order to be the “winner”.
  3. Measure the use of desire behaviors and come up with a reward system for employees exhibiting these desired behaviors.  While you are at it, also implement a form of reinforcement or punishment scheme for those who continuously fail to show desired behaviors.
  4. Constantly give employees regular feedback as they work towards implementing the desired behaviors stipulated.

Online training will provide you with a semi-informal method of acquiring target desired behaviors from your employees. Instead of creating a hostile work environment where you are constantly breathing down their necks, you create the illusion that the decision to change was theirs and a result of their understanding of the training. Through the e-Learning modules, the employees will gain a sense of fulfilment when they implement what they learnt. Therefore, as an employer you will be both motivating your employees whilst ensuring they behave appropriately thanks to the help of e-Learning.




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